Rosie Armes     Critique

I am an ‘A’ judge for the Southern Photographic Federation and it is always a great honour to be asked back to the many clubs i have visited over the past four years.

I have also been part of a team that judged the Southampton International 2010, Welsh Salon 2011 and the only judge for the Jersey Eisteffod 2011.

Although I understand the need for a marking system to be in place at camera club level, I feel very strongly that there is greater value in good critique of an individual print rather than being marked against a fellow competitor.


“It was a pleasure to have you at the Society and to hear your forensic analysis.

I and I know many of the audience found your comments on each image to be objective, accurate and informative.

I found myself within a few days of your analysis using the same words and same feedback to discuss and describe my own pictures and pictures of other photographers.

The impressive thing was that when you gave your analysis you seemed to be stating the obvious and I found myself thinking ‘why didn’t I see/think that?’”

Thank you so much for coming to judge our competition last week. We were all very pleased to hear your comments and found your approach of requiring emotional communication to be direct and a primary reason as to how we should all be approaching the subject. You were also highly consistent and to the point which was very refreshing.”


The personal service that I offer is an interactive critique available through SKYPE.

This facility is open to any photographer wishing to have a one to one assessment of their images.

Please remember, however, that as with any discussion about any form of art, it is a personal subjective view.

if judging were a science we would be able to scan an image and let a computer generate  a value which would always be the same. without human intervention.

By discussing a few images online I would hope to open up your mind as to ways to improve or re- evaluate your work.

As an add-on to this service I may be able improve your Photoshop skills providing you have access to CS4/5.

Please email me  and I will explain how the system works.