i have a series of lectures that I am able to give to Camera Clubs, Women’s Institute, U3A ,Church Organisations etc.

Each talk is in two halves allowing for coffee in between and may be given in any order you wish.

The timings are approximate.

1/2       Associateship to Fellowship and the bits in between                                        

1/2       Ethiopia                                                                                                               

3/4       Ladakh as a Travel Workshop                                                                            

3/4       Inspirational Portfolio                                                                                          

5/6       Yellowstone                                                                                                        

5/6       The Contrasts of Hong Kong

7           A Compositional Workshop

8/9       The Joy of Seeing

8/9        Kerrala as a travelog.                                                           


Lectures 3, 4, 5, and 6 are all digitally projected and I will supply my own calibrated projector but you will need to supply a suitable projection screen.

These talks will be supplemented with around 20 prints for viewing at coffee time.

TALK 1  

Within this talk I will show the  Associateship and Fellowship Panels that I submitted to the Royal Photographic Society and detail my thoughts and reasoning behind them.

I will then show examples of various images with the before and after versions.

The talk will end with a series of images taken from a couple of short trips that I have done.


This talk takes the audience to Ethiopia and offers an introduction to the different tribes and a view of this very beautiful country.


Ladakh as a Travel workshop is aimed at showing people how to approach travel photography and what we can reasonably expect when visiting areas so very different from our own culture.

The talk will be approached as a travelogue although appropriate images will be shown with their relevant shutter speeds, apertures, or the manipulation of the image to obtain the maximum potential of the shot.


The Inspirational Portfolio shows various small collections of work that have been manipulated to produce a more empathic feeling to the differing subject matters.


Yellowstone in winter is the most magical place I have ever been to.

I hope the images shown justify how I related to this amazing area of America.


The public face of Hong Kong is like many other major modern cities in the world, with large bold architectural masterpieces lining the waterfront on both sides.

Go back a few streets or use the ferry to get to the slightly less accessible islands and progress has stood still and I found life at a more gentle pace and with a little more character.


A compositional workshop will take the audience through the many different facets of image making with over 170 personal photographs to illustrate the points made.

Comments from the audience have described this talk as “mind blowing”.

It is rather a long talk so it will be divided into two halves to allow for a coffee break and any questions that may arise.


The Joy of seeing is a series of small portfolios of work that I have particularly enjoyed as opposed to my travel photography.


Kerrala in the south of India was so different from Rajasthan or Ladakh. It was full of contrasts and enabled us to get a full understanding of the life of the people and their associated employments.


1) “ I am delighted you came to Brighton Camera Club as first of the season visiting speaker and got us off to a magnificent start.

During the course of the evening you made many references to the emotional involvement in making personal and satisfying images, a fact sadly many do not understand”

2) “Just to say how much the members of our club very much enjoyed your talk last week.

Your enthusiasm for your photography showed through the whole evening and your prints really gave food for thought.”

3) “I found your work SO inspirational last night. and had such a wonderful evening.

You have woken something in me that has been dormant a long time.”

4) “The RPS panels were an excellent insight as well as being wonderful images and the ‘before and after images’  were really popular and quite inspiring for me.”

If you wish I can give a one hour lecture, often more suited to WI or U3A groups for example.









Rosie Armes     Lectures